3 Must Have Products for Breastfeeding Moms

I thought I was well prepared. I had everything I thought I needed when baby arrived. Ezra arrived a week earlier than my due date. Labor and delivery went amazing and I was excited to be through with the scariest part of having a baby. (Which was actually not scary nor painful, read about it here.)  Little did I know what would happen next.

Three days after baby Ezra was born, my milk came in. No one told me what this was going to be like. I’ve heard so much about the struggle of under supply and a poor latch when trying to breastfeed a baby. I wasn’t aware of what happened when it was “easy.” Well, let me tell you! It was so easy that it was frustrating! I was stuffing burp rags into my bra and changing my clothes every couple hours due to all the leaking. Sometimes, my boobs would literally be spraying milk. I was basically a milk fountain. What does one do about this? I had to figure it out by consulting my other mom friends and Google, and then making a few essential Amazon purchases.

Now that I know what I know, here are the top 3 things I didn’t know I needed for breastfeeding after my milk came in.

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1. Nursing Bras – $18 for 3

Prior to baby, I had purchased 3 sleeper nursing bras and one cute lace nursing bra on Amazon. Soon after I was gifted 3 more nursing bras, along with 3 nursing camis. Was I possibly going to need this many? Was I way overstocked? I would only need to wear one per day, right? WRONG! In the first few weeks, I went through upwards of 5-6 per day due to leaking, and I’d have to wash them at least every other day. I think I have enough, but I now know that I didn’t have too many.

2. Bamboo Nursing Pads – $14 for 7 pairs

I got sick of shoving my bra with burp rags and invested in some washable bamboo nursing pads. I got 4 pairs to start. Was that enough? Not even close! I later ordered 7 more pairs of a different brand for basically the same price. I can’t tell the difference between the two brands. Is this enough still? Not really. I wash the whole lot of them almost daily. I much prefer these to disposables, even though I haven’t tried disposables. I just can’t imagine how much waste I would produce having to throw away nursing pads every time they’re wet. I mean, I’m already throwing away so many diapers with not choosing the cloth route. Why add to the waste?

3. Haakaa Breast Pump – $16

I hadn’t purchased an actual breast pump yet and wasn’t really planning on it. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of my insurance and I figured I could just go without one for now. When I mentioned my leaky boobs in an Instagram post, several ladies mentioned something called a Haakaa. What was this? It’s a one-piece “pump” that you squeeze to suction attach to your breast as you’re nursing on the other side. It collects all the extra leaks, but also sucks a little more out. Therefore, it IS considered a pump. And it’s $16-23 depending on what you get. It provided such sweet relief in the first few days when I was totally engorged. I learned a few days later that I shouldn’t use it every feeding because I don’t want any over supply issues. Now, 3 weeks later, I use it 1-2x a day, usually at night or early morning, to collect milk for a little freezer stash. I usually can get 3-4 oz per session. My freezer already has plenty of extra milk if I’m ever away. No expensive pump needed! I definitely would recommend this as a MUST have for breastfeeding moms.

Ashley Hagen is a yoga teacher, Budokon® Sensei, excitable morning person, and brand new mom. She's quite spontaneous and is basically an expert at navigating unexpected life changes. She currently lives on the west coast of Washington with her partner and new son.