The theme for this class is BALANCE. In other words, creating optimal health. These eight oils help in response to stress, increased toxin levels, inflammation and nervous system imbalance. Paired with yoga, the oils help the body and mind move toward a holistic state of being. The class sequence is a simple Vinyasa Flow. This yoga class is a shortened version of what you would see in an in-person yoga class. It’s 30 minutes long compared to 60 or 90. The oils and their benefits are listed below. Leave a comment at the bottom at let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more.

“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”


On Guard Blend

Physical Benefit: Supports healthy immune response.
Emotional Benefit: Strengthens the inner self.
Yoga Class: Diffuse 2-3 drops or spray with water around room


Wild Orange & Peppermint

Physical Benefit: Supports nervous system balance.
Emotional Benefit: Uplifting properties that relieve feelings of anxiety and stress.
Yoga Class: Couple drops of each in glass or metal water bottle.


Balance Blend

Physical Benefit: Harmonizes various physiological systems of the body.
Emotional Benefit: Promotes a sense of balance.
Yoga Class: Apply to bottoms of feet before at beginning of practice.


Physical Benefit: Supports healthy immune response.
Emotional Benefit: Oil of energetic boundaries – clears negative energetic baggage.
Yoga Class: Apply to chest and neck in mountain pose before sun salutations.

AromaTouch Blend & Deep Blue Blend

Physical Benefit: Helps relieve muscle tension and supports decreased inflammation.
Emotional Benefit: Calms the mind and helps you live in the here and now.
Yoga Class: Apply to lower back in child’s pose after all standing poses.


Physical Benefit: May assist with calming and sedation.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages self-care and nurturing self.
Yoga Class: Apply to neck, brow, third eye before final relaxation.

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Ashley Jonas is an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance. She started practicing yoga in 2010 as a college athlete. After experiencing the benefits of a daily yoga practice, she received her 200-hour certification and began teaching yoga in 2013. Ashley is inspired by all movement styles including martial arts, calisthenics, running, weight lifting and dance. She continues studying movement arts through the Budokon Mixed Movement Academy with Cameron Shayne. Her classes are fun, yet challenging with focus on finding the yogi warrior within.