The theme for this class is FOUNDATION. This class provides a journey through the lower chakra to help provide a strong physical and emotional foundation. The root chakra is located at the perineum and is the root of your being. It establishes the deepest connection with your physical body, environment and the earth. The yoga sequence focuses on connecting to the lower chakras with these oils to promote grounding, creativity and inner strength. Combining these oils with poses of the lower chakra promote calmness, patience and a willingness to stay in one place.

“The deeper the roots, the higher the tree can grow.”



Physical Benefit: Cleansing
Emotional Benefit: Inspires natural playfulness; clears the head for rational thought
Yoga Class: Diffuse 2-3 drops or spray with water around room



Physical Benefit: Supports healthy response to pathogenic exposure.
Emotional Benefit: Inspires self-assurance in discovering your innate talents.
Yoga Class: Add ONLY one drop in glass or metal water bottle.


Balance Blend

Physical Benefit: Supports physical balance and calming.
Emotional Benefit: A powerful emotional stabilizer, helps to ground energy.
Yoga Class: Apply to bottoms of feet before at beginning of practice.


Physical Benefit: May help open airways; supports healthy digestion.
Emotional Benefit: Can offer a short reprieve from life’s difficulties.
Yoga Class: Apply to lower belly or swipe under tongue before lunges.


Physical Benefit: Supports lymphatic and circulatory systems.
Emotional Benefit: Oil of motion and flow, helps to release stagnant energy.
Yoga Class: Apply to heart while seated for twists.


Physical Benefit: Calming and nurturing.
Emotional Benefit: Incredibly supportive in self-awareness work; grounding your in the present moment.
Yoga Class: Apply to arches of feet and inner leg before final relaxation.

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