Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazingly healing, both physically and emotionally. The can be applied in several ways. Check with each oil upon purchasing to see what is the most appropriate use.

  1. Topically, placed directly onto your body or skin
  2. Aromatically, diffused or in a spritz bottle
  3. Internally, a few drops in your water or food

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Physical Benefit: Helps to calm and uplift, energize.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages balance, strength and confidence.


Physical Benefit: Promotes circulation and helps the body remove toxins.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages grounding and focus.


Physical Benefit: Beneficial to the respiratory system.
Emotional Benefit: The Oil of Motion and Flow – stagnant energies are brought into motion.


Physical Benefit: Helps support healthy respiratory function.
Emotional Benefit: The Oil of Wellness.


Physical Benefit: Helps with cell regeneration.
Emotional Benefit: Powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness.


Physical Benefit: Energizing.
Emotional Benefit: Known as the emotional healer.


Physical Benefit: Stimulant; good for digestion and motion sickness.
Emotional Benefit: Powerfully persuades one to b e fully present and participate in life.


Physical Benefit: Assists in detoxification of the body; helps cleanse the kidneys.
Emotional Benefit: Grapefruit teaches true respect and application for on’e body.

Juniper Berry

Physical Benefit: Supports detoxification of the kidneys and may assist with healthy circulation.
Emotional Benefit: Elevates your spiritual awareness.


Physical Benefit: May assist with calming and sedation.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages self-care and nurturing self.


Physical Benefit: May help increase oxygenation around the pineal and pituitary gland.
Emotional Benefit: Oil of Focus – this crisp scent improves ability to focus.


Physical Benefit: Helps relieve discomfort of joint stiffness and muscle tension.
Emotional Benefit: Oil of Connection and Trust to self and others.


Physical Benefit: Supports healthy immune response.
Emotional Benefit: Oil of energetic boundaries – clears negative energetic baggage.


Physical Benefit: Helps cleanse the liver.
Emotional Benefit: Fosters inner stillness and encourages spiritual growth.


Physical Benefit: Cooling and supports healthy, normal digestion.
Emotional Benefit: Fosters joy, offers reprieve from disappointment.

Roman Chamomile

Physical Benefit: May help with muscle tension.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages inner peace.


Physical Benefit: Stimulates memory recall.
Emotional Benefit: Aids in times of transition, brings expansion to the mind.


Physical Benefit: Stimulates the lymphatic system.
Emotional Benefit: CAlmes, harmonizes and balances the emotions; may help enhance meditation.


Physical Benefit: May help relieve menstrual cramps.
Emotional Benefit: The Oil of Releasing and Forgiving; one of the most powerful cleanser of the emotional body.

White Fir

Physical Benefit: May be beneficial for reducing aches from colds and flu.
Emotional Benefit: Creates a feeling of grounding, anchoring and empowerment.

Wild Orange

Physical Benefit: May help with muscles soreness.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages self-confidence and positivity

Ylang Ylang

Physical Benefit: Calms and relaxes.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages the heart to experience its full range of emotions.

Essential Oils Blends

AromaTouch Blend

Physical Benefit: Helps calm anxiety.
Emotional Benefit: Moves from stiffness of heart and mind to openness and flexibility.


Balance Blend

Physical Benefit: Harmonizes various physiological systems of the body.
Emotional Benefit: Promotes a sense of balance.

Citrus Bliss Blend

Physical Benefit: Uplifting.
Emotional Benefit: Inspires creativity and power by letting go of old limitations and insecurities.

Deep Blue Blend

Physical Benefit: Soothes back, neck and shoulders.
Emotional Benefit: The Oil of Surrendering.

Elevation Blend

Physical Benefit: Helps stimulate the body’s chemistry when feeling lethargy or sadness.
Emotional Benefit: Promotes feelings of self-worth.

Holiday Joy Blend

Physical Benefit: May help reduce pathogens.
Emotional Benefit: Helps comfort and soothe emotional well-being.

On Guard Blend

Physical Benefit: Supports healthy immune response.
Emotional Benefit: Strengthens the inner self.


Pasttense Blend

Physical Benefit: Assists with relief of migraines and headaches.
Emotional Benefit: Helps regain equilibrium following periods of fatigue

Serenity Blend

Physical Benefit: Relaxing, calming.
Emotional Benefit: Calms feelings of hostility, fear, anger, jealousy, rage and resentment.


Physical Benefit: Contains oils for healthy organ support.
Emotional Benefit: Encourages letting go of the non-essentials or anything that sabotages.