7 yoga moves for the 3 o’clock work slump


FARGO — Shoulders tense from to-do lists. Hips cramped from stiff office chairs that agitate the lower back. The 8-to-5 workday can take a toll on the body. Upon punching out, many employees already feel the weight of eight hours spent sitting at a desk.

“When you sit in the same position, all day every day, and it’s not a natural position we were born to do, it can really do some negative things to your body,” says Ashley Jonas, yoga instructor and director of teacher training programs at Mojo Fit Studios.

Thankfully, alleviating stress and tension doesn’t have to be hard. Read more…


Coffee & Capitalism Interview 

with Jason Speiss of the Jason came in to Mojo Fit Studios and sat down with the owner, Kristen Burbank, and myself to discuss yoga and business. We both have our own perspectives, one of a studio owner and one of a yoga teacher adding online business elements to her career. Listen to Kristen’s interview. Listen to Ashley’s interview.


Styled Shoot+ Urban Styled Shoot

This urban styled shoot in Fargo is filled with a dream team of vendors that makes us miss Fall. The autumn colors mixed with a city-studio backdrop is a recipe for all things beautiful. See more…


Balance In All Things: Simply Ashes Yoga

by Nate Mickelberg on Oct 19, 2015

Balance in life is a lot like balance in yoga. It’s difficult to find at first, but with a little practice, it becomes second nature. Ashley Jonas has found that out the hard way in her 26 years, from living with bulimia to quitting a comfortable desk job to pursuing a career as a full-time yogi. Balance is something she’s always strived for but only recently started to achieve. Read more…


Everybody jump: Sky Zone trampoline park offers workout classes, activities for adults

FARGO – Leslie Olson was all smiles on a recent Saturday morning as she powered through an exhausting workout.

The unusual setting might have played a role in Olson’s upbeat attitude – she was spending an hour bouncing, stretching and working out on a large trampoline. Read more…


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