With private yoga coaching, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your individual needs, and on your own time. You’ll grasp the basics of yoga (or yoga teaching through mentorship) and learn how to develop confidence to practice in group settings. Each private yoga class is tailored to your needs, whether it’s healing from an injury, managing stress, improving your athletic abilities, or wanting to become a rockstar teacher.

You could choose to do just one private lesson, but you’ll get the most out of our time together if you book a multi-session package and we work together at least once a week. Each week will build on from the last and you’ll be given homework and accountability in between our sessions together. Locations vary. Private lessons can be done at your home, workplace, via Skype, or I can manage to provide us with a location in Fargo.

“Since attending Ashley’s classes I have gained a strength I always knew I had but could never see physically. I now see my strength through muscle definition and my endurance in my mix of activities. I have lowered stress levels and find a peaceful and calmer state of mind more often. I have seen an increase in my flexibility and am more motivated to eat even healthier.”

Angel E.

“Ashley’s classes has helped me tremendously both physically and mentally. She is inspiring and motivating- I actually want to go to class. One of the first things I learned from her is to love myself and let go. To quit caring about what others think of me and to also quit judging others.”

Amber T.

“Thai Yoga has been a wonderful addition to my regular yoga practice. It gives the practice an extra depth. Even if you don’t have a regular yoga practice, Thai Yoga is wonderful. Ashley is a very good at focusing on areas that need some opening or just on relaxation is that is what you prefer. Either way, Ashley has a gift for helping you feel better.”

Joseph W.

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