How do you start a home yoga practice?

Love yoga, but not sure how to start on your own? Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga student, this 3-part quick start yoga sequencing package provides a guide to help you create well-balanced yoga sequences. You’ll learn a basic understanding of how a yoga practice is structured and how to create your own simple sequences.

When I started practicing yoga in 2010, I was glued to videos and required direction to complete a yoga practice. Even after 3 years of daily practice, I still required verbal direction when I stepped on my mat. After my first weekend yoga teacher training, I would memorize and repeat other teacher’s classes. I knew it wasn’t right, but I still wasn’t confident creating my own classes. After 200-hr training at American Power Yoga in 2013, I developed a formula that simplified the class creation process, helping me teach thousands of classes with little to no prep work. Now days, I step on my mat and know exactly what to do, both for home practice and in front of a crowd.

Get your yoga sequencing quick start package for just $17. 

What’s included?

1. Expertly designed 9-step infographic 

2. Video explaining the process (20-min)

3. Three-page worksheet for class creation

This 3-part quick start package will help you in your personal yoga practice, or as a teacher to create your own classes. I know how challenging it can be to start out as a new teacher or new yogi practicing on your own. It’s taken me years to develop and simplify this yoga class creation process and I can’t wait for it to help you!

Sequencing Preview:

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.

K. Pattabhi Jois

Ashley Hagen (E-RYT), started practicing yoga in 2010 to help improve her performance as a college athlete. In 2013, after experiencing the benefits of a daily yoga practice, she received her 200-hr yoga teacher certification and began teaching vinyasa yoga, the most accessible style of power yoga. Ashley is also a Budokon® Yoga Sensei trained through the Budokon Mixed Movement Academy with Cameron Shayne. She is inspired by all movement styles including martial arts, calisthenics, running, weight lifting and dance. Her classes are fun, yet challenging with focus on finding the yogi warrior within. Learn more about Ashley.